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Different Areas of Commercial Photography

Calm down. I know what you are thinking:

What is Commercial Photography?”

“In this era of modern technology, why would I hire a commercial photographer when I can take pictures with a touch on my phone?”

Or perhaps, you may view commercial photography from a streamlined angle, like creating images in big studios for multinational companies. But the concept is very simple. It is an area of photography that captures images used to advertise, sell or market a product, service, or even a person. This means that anyone can use commercial photography to sell, irrespective of the kind of business he/she is engaged in.

Let’s take typical examples. Magazines are filled with numerous adverts, which include commercial photographs. Billboards, leaflets, posters, and brochures can also be termed as commercial photography. In a simple term- it is photography for business.

It is certain that beautiful images alone do not make great commercial photographs. This is where commercial photographers come in because they are able to understand your product or service and capture the right images that will efficiently promote your business. Remember, it is the impression that counts.

So, what are the areas?

Fashion photography: This is what pops up in people’s mind when the term ‘commercial photography’ is mentioned- long-legged models posing in a thousand and one styles for a big magazine cover, with lights flickering in their faces- and they are not entirely wrong.

Fashion is a huge concept in our society today. That is why fashion commercial photography is a market that should not be toyed with. Not only does it promote the fashion brand and its products, but it establishes the commercial photographer as an authority in the field, especially if it is done well. Let’s not forget the pay!

Different shoots are unique, so it is the job of the commercial photographer to select the right poses and concepts that will adequately convey the values of the brand. The shoots can be done indoor or outdoor.

Product photography: This is another huge market, as many businesses deal with products. The job of the commercial photographer is to take images with the right concept that will also portray the product to the audience in the right light.

It can be done either outdoors or indoors, and if it is done indoors in a good studio

space, it is often advised that a solid backdrop be used for better online coverage. The works of NYC commercial photographers usually speak for themselves in this area.

Food photography: Where are my foodies in the house?

Remember those nice food pictures that you see on Facebook or Instagram and the way your stomach rumbled at the sight?

That’s the work of a commercial photographer.

Food photography also involves editorial restaurant shots, which means that the photographer has to set up his camera in the restaurant within a specific time frame and take enticing shots of the food with appropriate lighting that will make the food look enticing and natural at the same time. You will find some of the best work from Miami commercial photographers.

Environmental photography: This has to do with taking photos of nature or of people working in the environment. For instance, commercial photographers can go to a nursery to take photos of workers tending to a plant.

Architectural photography: This involves taking pictures of a space for commercial use. In food photography, you work with a time frame and the flow of customers, but in this, people are already well-placed in their work environment, so it is a bit easier.

Headshots: This is the commonest type of commercial photography there is (and a lot of people do not know that it’s commercial photography). It is often used for official and professional purposes, or to promote a person and his/her services.