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Wynwood Photography

Bill Bags National Park in the south of Key Biscayne offers a magnificent backdrop with the Atlantic Ocean, Cape Florida and the lighthouse. You think you’re on safari, not in the heart of Miami, but you are. The park’s treetops provide a perfect backdrop for a great shot of Florida’s most popular tourist destination. I am a photographer based in Miami-Dade County, Florida and have a passion for wildlife photography and conservation. Sources: 2, 3

Don’t miss the opportunity to capture the adventurous splendor of Miami during your planned engagement. Don’t miss the chance to photograph 2-hour sunsets and take stunning sunset shots near the water. Sources: 2

Catch a great backdrop from the beach or sea by doing an engagement shoot on a fishing pier. Catch a surfer in the background of your engagement photos or capture some great beach, ocean or both backdrops while making engagement shots on the fishing pier. Sources: 2

This is especially great if you plan to book a resort or celebrate before the actual wedding. You can take some fun shots of the beach, beach, sea or even a private beach in the background of your engagement photos. Sources: 2

If you are looking for the required license fee for photographs, go to your photo room for more information. Permit fees are typically site specific, but information must be provided at selected locations. Those of you who are not photographers may not realize that you have to check in with a professional photographer. You must fill out a waiver and a parent or guardian must sign that the participant is under 18 years old. Sources: 0, 2, 3

Whether you’re aiming for retro 1950s steampunk, Miami Railroad Station has all the characters you need for the perfect engagement photo. Whether you want an iPhone photo that looks more like a bathroom selfie than a real photo, this will be a perfect experience. You need to bring a fully charged iPhone with plenty of storage space in the camera. This is a must – an ideal place for photographers to create their own breathtaking urban art with photographic means. Sources: 0, 2

Walls was launched in 2009 by Tony Goodman as an innovative project and hosted over 50 renowned artists from 16 countries who created the world’s largest collection of murals in one of the most iconic buildings in the United States. In the 2019 issue, now directed by Jessica Goldman-Srebnick, the mural has been expanded for the first time to include an incredible list of artists. Sources: 0, 1

We were honored to have our Streets of Miami Wynwood Walls session featured today on the Life Lens blog. In 2019, we will be offering an already rich public art program that has created this must-see – see where art lovers come to Miami. As you watch, Wynwood’s Walls continues its annual painting series at Art Basel, adding a new mural to its art program at the South Florida Museum of Art and expanding its art program in 2019. Sources: 1, 3

The guided tour lasts 2.5 hours and is available at the South Florida Museum of Art and Wynwood Walls Art Gallery. The 2-5 hour session involves opening your eyes to the world of professional photography for a whole day – and gaining experience in Miami. This experience is being experienced in Miami, Miami-Dade, Broward and Palm Beach counties. Sources: 0

Make the most of the free daily photo sessions at the Wynwood Walls Art Gallery at the South Florida Museum of Art. Take the opportunity to photograph in the city of Miami-Dade, Broward and Palm Beach County, Florida, and take advantage of their free photography workshops. Sources: 2

Look for the reflective pool at the Wynwood Walls Art Gallery of the South Florida Museum of Art in Miami-Dade County. Sources: 2

Nothing says elegance and romance like a botanical garden, especially when it is home to a range of tropical plants and flowers. No matter where you shoot your engagement photos of Miami, choosing the perfect photographer can make a big difference. The possibilities are endless, whether in a park, museum or on the beach, but don’t settle for a location in Miami. Make your engagement photo special by highlighting a magical moment, whether you want a horse – a drawing or a romantic stroll through the parks and beaches of the city. Sources: 2

With personal coaching from experienced professionals, you can turn your phone into an amazing creative tool that produces images you don’t think you own. Whether you are a beginner or an experienced amateur, you will learn why these great photos stand out from the usual holiday snaps. Our coaching is specifically tailored to the iPhone’s image editing options, but other photo-enabled mobile phones can be used. Sources: 0

If you’ve always been to Wynwood and wanted to go, this book is a great way to take home a piece of street art history. Look at your surroundings and we’ll figure out how to frame your shots and dozens of other elements that professionals consider before deciding to shoot.