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Luxury Hotel Photography

When people book a stay in a luxury hotel, their first inclination after a long day is to climb again, which is perfect news. Luxury hotels offer a wonderful cocooning feeling and are a great place to escape the hustle and bustle of everyday life. Sources: 4, 8

On the luxury hotel market, it is often the photos that tempt you to click on the “Book Now” button as a hotel photographer. Most of the time, they are photos of front desk staff, but some people love to capture the details with their camera. The lobby is the most flooded area of the hotel and photographers face a lot of problems taking such photos because only one photographer is enough. To take really good pictures, photographers have to work in the lobby or in a private room, like the one in the lobby of our hotel. Sources: 8, 9

Now it offers the best hospitality resources on the planet and you have unlimited access to incredible host countries. Excellence in hotel photography is a team effort and we clearly understand hotel marketing and success. We will provide you with high quality images of your property if you choose our photo package. You will be able to answer all the questions you have to get your business off the ground and feel that you can trust us and enjoy your work. Sources: 0, 1, 6, 7

In the first part, we discussed what to photograph in a hotel photo shoot and highlighted the areas of the house that offer the best opportunity to truly capture the essence of a historic luxury hotel. The details are close-ups, close-ups and detail shots of each room and its surroundings. Sources: 0, 4

Back then, for example, hotel photographers tended to focus on detail shots of rooms rather than photographing each room in full. This problem was solved by allowing the photographer to easily balance artificial and natural light and obtain a complete picture of the rooms. Overall, photos of restaurants, cafes and bars in hotels are a combination of interior photography and food images. The restaurant photos and the surrounding area of a hotel, such as the bar and restaurant, are close-ups, close-ups and detail shots from inside the restaurant. Sources: 3, 9

In this kind of hotel photography it is very important to capture the ideal moment when the lighting is optimal and not to disturb the real guests who already live in the hotel. In the case of a luxury hotel, the photos presented on the website will ultimately ensure that potential guests can present themselves in a “luxury hotel chain” and the dishes are presented in this image. Luxury travelers do not book as if they had to, they book what they want, and there are many different types of luxury hotels in different parts of the world, so It is important that website marketing translates to the “ideal” traveler. Some luxury clients book based on how they feel through a photo or video, and not on the amenities a resort undoubtedly offers, such as a pool, spa or fitness center. Sources: 2, 9

The finger food buffet is the perfect habitat for wedding photographers, but those who specialize in nature photography could easily feel like a fish out of water. Other skills are needed, other techniques must be used, and someone with a background in photography, such as a wildlife photographer or photojournalist, needs other skills. Sources: 3

According to Hospitality Net prices, hotel photography is the first choice for travelers and those interested in browsing OTA websites. This view is prevalent in the basic decisions people make after reading hotel reviews: about 65% of respondents pay more attention to hotel photography than to other aspects of the hotel experience. Sources: 1, 9

HRP’s talent as a photographer represents a significant opportunity to acquire a high-profile clientele and a large number of clients in the luxury hotel industry. Some of these customers are well-known brands, some of their photos have appeared on the covers of well-known magazines and some have even been published in major newspapers. Sources: 6, 9

This is a powerful marketing tool that allows the world to virtually visit the hotel before they arrive. Scott’s customers receive unsurpassed hotel photography services, whether in the US, Europe, Asia, Africa, the Middle East or anywhere in between, for free. Sources: 5, 9

The effective photography of luxury hotels is intended to help hotels capture more direct and indirect online bookings. The photos of high-impact hotels and resorts can be taken directly or indirectly via social media, helping hotels capture the most direct, indirect and online bookings. Photography of low-impact hotels and resorts can also be taken directly via Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, Google + and other social networks, as well as other online travel sites. Sources: 5

Hotel photographers specialize in creative architectural photography and can create photos that appeal and inform travelers viewing the property online. Sources: 5

For the best hotel photography, it is recommended to take the outdoor shots at sunrise and sunset, which gives you a good view of the outside and inside of the hotel. The sun, which is set low on the horizon, gives the image warmth and floods it with warm light, which is perfect for lighting hotel rooms.