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Luxury Watches Commercial Photography

The latest data from the Swiss Watch Industry Association (FH) show that global luxury watch sales continue to be driven mainly by young consumers in Asia. The watch’s design appears to have been the leading element in the launch of new products: 42 percent of respondents said that classic style, not sport, will boost sales of luxury watches in 2018. The traditional luxury watch industry is finally recognizing the need to attract the coveted millennial consumer. Sources: 0

The modern luxury watch industry also seems to be focusing on individualization, which is not surprising given the high demand for luxury watches by the younger generation of consumers. Sources: 0

Moreover, the best luxury watch brands continue to say more about the person who wears them than technology ever could. TAG Heuer has made and ultimately won luxury watches that we are all in love with but never take off our wrists, and sometimes there is a luxury watch for every man at once. The wearer can personalize a modern luxury watch to define him or her and accompany him or her on the lifestyle or adventure he or she chooses. Sources: 0, 1

Instead of garish and emerging images, modern luxury watch brands use their websites to showcase honesty and transparency, and to pull the curtain back on the smoke and mirrors that have traditionally been a staple of luxury – watch marketing. It is unprecedented for a modern luxury watch to offer this transparency in the same way as traditional luxury watches. Sources: 0

I am an international product photographer who works in London, Paris, New York and LA and has written similar but more general articles for photo magazines. I suppose this would be useful for those who want to take photos of their favorite brands, brand watches, watches and accessories. Sources: 2, 4

The goal is to replace the luxurious and expensive aspects of the image with an unknown brand, but still maintain the feeling of effort and luxury at the last moment. Sources: 5

As a side effect, I started to learn about mechanical clocks, but the main goal was to learn about photography as well. In addition to photography for National Geographic, a good watch is an excellent accessory and helpful assistant while learning how to point and shoot. When you take a macro photo of a watch, you can use the same guidelines except for accessories to create a compelling photo. A macro lens is not 100% required to photograph watches, but you will definitely need a lens and camera system that allows you to focus close. The closer to the topic, the more details can be shown and the closer your audience can get to you and your topic. Sources: 3, 4, 6

The Pro Trek series is about nature activities such as photography, camping and mountaineering. Regardless of your camera system, one of the most important factors when photographing watches is that watches love soft light. Nevertheless, the best light conditions for photographing watches, especially in the summer months, are actually the easiest and lightest. Therefore, the interest in watches is great for anyone who is in the wild. Sources: 3, 6

In Japan, there is also a watch company called TACS, which makes a range of watches inspired by photographers and musicians, as well as some of the most popular watches in the world. Sources: 3

If you can’t afford a Rolex watch, consider a stainless steel, quartz or analogue watch from TACS, which would be a nice gift for a budding photographer. These watches also don’t have many additional features, but if you’re looking for a watch for your professional photography, as well as a more casual watch, this brand would be an excellent choice. Sources: 1, 3

Patek Philippe watches are shot by Josh Caudwell, an international still life photographer who lives in London, Paris and New York. In his spare time he shoots jewellery, product photography and various pieces for brands such as Rolex, Bulgari, Rolexes, Pateks Philippe and other brands. Sources: 2

He also works on international photo projects in Paris and New York and photographs still lifes for Montblanc watches. He shoots diamond watches from Baume & Mercier for brands such as Rolex, Bulgari, Patek Philippe and other brands. A creative photographer of luxury products based in London and active internationally, he shoots watches and specialized still lifes – life photos for luxury brands and brands in the jewelry and luxury goods industry. A watch specialist and still life photographer who photographs from London, Paris, New York and LA and works in France, Germany, Italy, Spain, Switzerland and the USA. Sources: 2

The Times Newspaper, Joshua Caudwell shoots watches for brands such as Rolex, Bulgari, Patek Philippe and other brands of the jewelry and luxury goods industry. A creative photographer of luxury products based in London and active internationally, he shoots watches and still lifes – life photos for luxury brands and jewelry brands in Europe and the USA.