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Abstract Haute Fashion Photography

Fashion photography in Britain may be seen as an art form that has come to an end, but has been revived by designers of different nationalities, who brought with them a new generation of photographers, photographers of different styles and styles of photography. This new British fashion photography has raised the bar for the inclusion of fine art in the gallery system. What seems to be the most important aspect of the work of the modern fashion photographer in Britain is what is normally perceived in the fashion world as conventionally beautiful. But documentarians and editorial photographers have always used clothes as a means of expression. Sources: 1

It seems that artists are working against materialism and the fashion industry to achieve their aesthetic goals without submitting to limitations. Despite these limitations, some have succeeded in creating innovative works that play with the genres of portrait, documentation and social commentary to advance the practice of fashion photography. They partly document the zeitgeist, partly they allow it free rein without commissions, partly as a means of expression. Sources: 1

As you can see, there are many different types of photography to try, and it all depends on the industry and the business that is being run in it. Wedding photography is also one of the largest categories of commercial photography, with many photographers specializing in this service. Food photography may be a niche in which food is the main theme, although this type of photography overlaps with commercial, editorial and still life photography. Sources: 2

A productive genre of photography where food is taken usually involves working with another photographer to get the final shot, as well as a variety of different light and light conditions. Sources: 2

Documentary photography is sometimes shot with the timeless look of B & W, but can also be done by amateur artistic photographers. Sometimes shot in a surreal aesthetic, documentary photography can be taken from the perspective of the viewer, sometimes with a surreal aesthetic of mind and sometimes in the context of a modern age. Sources: 2

Still life photography is an overarching genre in which inanimate objects are arranged aesthetically appealing and recorded for personal, editorial or commercial use. Lifestyle photography often overlaps with documentary photography, in that it attempts to capture a snapshot of the subject’s life. This is in contrast to visual art, which aims to capture the subjective intention of the artist in the image. Sources: 2

Street photography, with its purposeful and defined message, tends to be less deliberate, although it also bears many similarities to documentary photography. More and more fashion sections are published, and pictures usually have a still life or editorial quality. Social media also often features images from fashion magazines such as Vogue, Glamour and Vanity Fair. As e-commerce continues to grow as a platform, and the Internet offers a much faster way for people to bring goods to market, even in the world of fashion photography, techniques that no longer require human models are being used. Around the same time, some of the first photography studios for fashion photographers were set up in the European metropolises. Sources: 0, 2

In the late 1990s, the field took repeated steps toward greater freedom of movement, and the boundaries between art and fashion photography became blurred as the previously more uniform commercial direction became blurred. The next change was the generational change of photographers and models, which is why it developed into a younger and more dynamic art field after the 1960s. Fashion photography eventually became the field it is today, with a much more diverse range of styles, techniques and styles. Sources: 0

Some photographers prefer to broaden their skills and expand their portfolio with several types of photography, while others focus on perfecting a particular style for their careers. The Victorian era, which became popular and has developed to this day, includes a subset of this type of photography, nude photography and portraits of natural landscapes. This genre offers a very broad range of themes, and Balenciaga’s work is one of the most widely studied fashion collections of all time, as it remains a classic example of a modern fashion photography style. Sources: 2, 3

Fashion photography can range from haute couture, which focuses on what renowned designers think about the latest trends and styles, to models recorded in department store catalogues. Some fashion photos are taken live on the catwalks of fashion shows and live – live, live and take – as well as in real life, such as during a fashion show. Sources: 2

Somehow related to travel photography, Urban Exploration Photography (also called Urbex photography) focuses on capturing abandoned places and spaces that have long been forgotten. Images of the city skyline or parts of a metropolis can be included, which are captured by using street lights, street signs or even street lights. Holiday photography is another niche, but in some cases it can also be integrated in the same direction as travel and fashion photography.