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Broadway Theater Photography

Broadway shows in New York City regularly attract some of the business’s most famous actors, and with more than a billion tickets sold each year, there is no shortage of celebrities visiting New York. No other stage production can match the spectacle of a world-class Broadway show. When it comes to producing Broadway shows, from new musicals to musical comedies to Broadway musicals, Broadway has big things ahead, but what about the actors? Sources: 5, 8

To make Broadway shows run smoothly, the Broadway industry needs to have many different professions to run smoothly. Sources: 12

Like any other artistic profession, Broadway has different types of photographers, and no two photographers are the same. Some photographers hire entrepreneurs, others hire photographers and give them images that make them think about what the image would look like. Other Broadway photographers take head shots just for an actor to try them out for a portfolio. Sources: 12

You can also work on promotional photos that were taken before a director even developed costumes, sets or characterizations, Heerkens says. If you have a few theater-related tasks under your vest, you can create a digital or print folder that showcases your theater work and other projects and share your photos on social media. Sources: 7

Other images are from the Library of Congress Biographical Records, which houses a collection of photographs by photographers such as Robert E. Howard, William R. Rose, John F. Kennedy, and others. These images seem to illustrate the visual culture of the American performing arts and illustrate the most important photographers who have captured the American stage. At the top end of Broadway, I think if you see more photographers, there’s plenty of work, but I usually talk about photos that have more depth and are taken in a more intimate way than photos I took at the bottom. Sources: 2, 3, 13

On April 13, Lincoln Center Theater suspended Intimate Apparel and shut down an off-Broadway production, Headlands. The theater is located in the auditorium box office, located at the corner of Broadway and West 44th Street in New York City. Sources: 5, 9, 11

Since the building was converted into a theater in 1965, productions such as “Wanting an Indian in the Bronx,” “The Lion King” and “Avenue Q” have been performed there. The production has been nominated for eight Tony Awards and last year was named one of the top ten Broadway productions of all time by TIME magazine. Sources: 0, 5

With five major theaters under one roof, New World Stages has spawned remarkable revivals that have found a new lease of life after Broadway. Classic Broadway musicals like “Cats” and “Rent” have become the most popular musicals of all time, rewarded with long Broadway performances that delight New York tourists of all ages and generations. Today, there are several new Broadway classics that are making a name for themselves. The Union Square theater specializes in producing boundary and push shows, many of which have been successful on Broadway and beyond, including “The Lion King,” “Avenue Q” and the original Broadway production of “Sweeney Todd.” Sources: 5, 8

The developer Abraham Hirschfield bought the theater in 1956, and the Shuberts took over the management of the theater after it was sold to the producer and producer of “Go, Madam” in 1944. After the collapse of the New York Stock Exchange in the early 1960s, NBC restored the building to its original appearance and left it to the legitimate theater until its lease expired in 1962. After a period of private use, Hudson reopened the 41st Theater on Broadway in New York in February 2017. Sources: 6

The content of Broadway Photographs consists of photographs by David Shields, a PhD student at the University of New York School of Journalism. In 2014, Shields plans to expand coverage of Broadway photos to include photos of other Broadway theaters as well as theaters in other parts of the United States. Sources: 13

Since opening his own studio nearly 25 years ago, Rosegg has taken more than 1,000 photos of Broadway shows in New York City. Murphy specializes in capturing human body movements through dance in Broadway theaters. He is an artist through and through, and the photos he takes are vivid and expressive. His access to a Broadway show allows him to capture some fantastic moments backstage. Sources: 4, 10, 12

He began his career as a theater photographer in 1986 and has since photographed over 100 Broadway shows, including Broadway productions, Off-Broadway plays, musicals, films, television series and more. His extensive portfolio of photographs covers everything from traveling production companies to the most popular shows in New York City. Krulwich explained: ‘My proudest achievement is that I # Ve has worked on most Off-Broadway theatres over the years. I appreciate the chance to be associated with people who share my passion for theatre. Sources: 4, 12

Thorson’s video work features prominent scenes from “Oklahoma,” the Rodgers and Hammerstein play that is in its second run at the New York Theatre Company. This production is the first time the show has been presented at the city’s professional equity theater.